Virtual Administration, Social Media and Research

Getting the day to day administration in a company right is a vital part of being able to deliver a professional service.  By using us to help clear your work load you will be able to focus on other areas of the business. 

This can be a very time consuming role.  By allocating these tasks or similar ones to us you can free yourself from having to spend hours tidying existing files or researching information. 

Copy Typing 
A useful service for when have a lot of typing to do from handwritten documents, specially if you don’t type very fast, or you just don’t have the time to sit down and type it up. We will convert your notes into a legible document and set it in the layout that you require.

Data Entry 
Every business will require the need to store, record and update data relevant to their clients, products or services. The problem is that it’s not the most exciting part of anyone's business.  We love spreadsheets and record keeping. By letting us manage your daily administration you can prioritise your time for more enjoyable tasks in your business. 

Digital Filing 
Organisation is key for every business as well as personal use. No matter who you are, it is important to have good organisational skills, especially when dealing with documents - which all of us do at some point. In today's world, organisation is made simple for us through the use of computers and electronic filing systems. Although this tool is available to us, we may still need a little help using it to the greatest benefit. If this describes your relationship with electronic filing, you would benefit from allowing us to assist you with renaming/ filing documents to meet in line with your company standards. 

Email in box management (filtering and responding to emails as necessary) 
How often do you spend time getting distracted by the mountain of emails that you receive on a day to day basis? We know all too well how easy it is to get distracted and find yourself still sitting at your pc hours later. By giving us access to your email account we will be able to remove any spam/ junk mail for you. Move emails into necessary files for action and respond to any as directed. formatting documents.  We can adjust your documents to the desired layout and text. 

Fitech data entry
Fitech V5 is an online software tool that is used for Health and Fitness Assessments, Fitness or Role Testing, Medicals, and Health Promotion plus more. Allow us to help create and issue your individual clients reports for you. 

Issuing mail merge 
Using a mail merge is a cost effective approach for creating sales. The sales letter can therefore be seen as a marketing tool to promote your product and service, and by targeting your audience accurately, they can return a significant response. Sales letters can be written to either sell, inform or encourage a response from consumers. I would be able to assist you with the drafting of the content for the mail merge along with the issue of the mail merge to your clients. 

Letter creation 
By letting me know what you would like to include in your letter we can type up a letter for you to be able to review and adjust as necessary. 

Proof reading and editing 
It is always better to get a second pair of eyes to look at what you have just done. Often we are too close to the subject and are unable to see if we have made any errors. By asking us to review and edit your document you are getting time back to work on other projects. 

Power point presentation 
We can produce custom made PowerPoint presentations. This includes creating templates formatted with your company branding, reformatting existing slides, presenting information as charts and tables, inserting images and graphics. 

Report writing 
Being able to provide information to clients/ shareholders/ staff is vital in the key to a company’s success. By allowing me to assist you with the layout and set up of your reports and the collating of the data you will be able to provide them with the information. 

Website and Blog creation
Letty previously used her skills to update the company blog for fitnut ltd and Banchory Chiropractic Clinic by using wordpress.  Through doing this she built the confidence and the skill necessary to create her own website.  Which is what you are looking at now.  We are delighted with this as we know websites can start from £200 and have a limitless price tag.  Should you be interested in assistance with a site please do not hesitate to ask.  

Please ask if you are looking for something not listed as we can perform most tasks.

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