Virtual Personal & Lifestyle Assistant

It's not easy juggling everything you need to do.  By passing some of your jobs that need to be done.  But don't require your individual attention to get the information.  You can pass the task onto us.  Allowing us to do the work for you and provide you with the information you require in smaller bite size information. Allowing you to spend more time on your business and personal life.

We have listed a few examples of the type of tasks that we have carried out in the past but are not limited to.

Liaison with clients and supplier
Being able to delegate client and supplier (phone or email) communications to someone who knows you and your business can provide extra resources just when it's needed. You may just simply enjoy being able to take the afternoon off or be confident that when you're in meetings you are being supported by someone you can trust.

Prepare emails/ quotes/ letters ready for issue
For any business owner making time to sit down and fulfil essential daily activities such as generating quotes/replying to emails/sending letters can be difficult. It's an important aspect for all businesses but often one which takes time and commitment to focus on.

Market/ venue/ event research
You may want to gain some direct knowledge about prospective markets, gain contact details for a planned marketing campaign or simply want to find a suitable venue for an event you plan to hold. I can do the leg work for you and prepare the information in an easy to read document ready for you when you need it.

Event planning
Letty has 15 years of experience with booking venues and event planning for clients. She can handle your event administration so that you can focus on delivering an event that your delegates/ guests will enjoy. We would be able to assist you by sourcing and liaising with the venue to ensure that they have your desired information such as breaks, dietary requirements and equipment. Liaising with speakers to check on their availability and confirm the event location and sourcing any prizes, branded items, gifts. And collating feedback as required. Saving you valuable time by not having to spend hours searching through website or on the phone.

Research travel/ hotel costs and options
Bookings flights, hotels, and arranging car hire is easy but still a drain on your time. Especially if you have a more demanding schedule. I will confirm your requirements and preferences and then get to work with helping you plan your trip. And provide you with an itinerary of your journey.

Adjust travel/ hotel/ car rental bookings
We all know that things can change at last minute and sometimes you may need to adjust your travel arrangements. I can assist you with that by making the necessary changes on your behalf.

Helping you with those tasks outside of work.

Resume writing
Allow us to assist you with writing your resume and cover letter.  Ensuring that it is tailored towards the job that you are applying for.  We would recommend purchasing a five hour package for this service.  Not only do we create your resume we will keep a copy on our server for you as well as emailing a copy to you and posting you a usb with it on as well.

Source gift ideas for family and clients
If you want someone to source where to buy the latest iPhone gadget? Or receive a few quotes for flower delivery we would be delighted to assist you.

Updating LinkedIn profile
 Keeping your professional profile up to date to help increase awareness and potential job offers

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