Virtual Scheduler

Due to the high levels of technology available to us today.  It is no longer necessary for someone to have to be based within your office.  In order for them to manage your appointments diary for you.

Letty has years of experience with scheduling meetings and appointments when she worked with the Hotel Industry.

She was then able to use her skills whilst working for fitnut ltd updating and scheduling their health check appointments on excel spreadsheets.  By bookings appointments and reconfirming them back to the individuals and making any adjustments as necessary.  She would also liaise with the Assessors and ensure that they had the information they required to carry out their checks.

Recently Letty spent time managing the appointments diary for Banchory Chiropractic Clinic.  By using their multi clinic appointments website.  This involved taking the initial enquiry and then reconfirming back to the individuals once booked.  She was also responsible for making any changes to appointments as and when needed.

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