so Why Are We Here?

Good question, I often wonder that myself and why people would want to work with me.  However, I realise that I  have a story to share with you so I will.

Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE

I never thought I would end up with my own business.  In fact I was told at School I would never amount to much.  So how did I come to have my own Virtual Assistant business?

It all came about in 2015 I had just returned from Maternity leave to my role as Executive Assistant.  Unfortunately at that time the Oil business within Aberdeen was taking a slump and I ended up being made compulsory redundant.

In the past I would have been okay and went on to find a new role elsewhere.  However, this time it was different I now had two girls to think of (my mini management) and felt I needed to do something to take control and never be at the sole mercy of one employer again.

I researched about becoming a Virtual Assistant and at this time there was only a handful that I could approach to ask for advice.  In the tail end of 2015 I launched KeyStrokes Virtual Secretary Services Ltd or as I always seem to refer to it as KeyStrokes.

I have worked with a wide range of clients from oil companies to historical properties.  All of which had their own requirements and needs.

By the end of 2016 I had started down the route of growing my Team to help me to support my clients.

The “mini management” started School in 2019 which then meant I had more time to commit to the business.

When Covid reached us back in 2020 I thought my VA business start to slow down.  And it did the total opposite.  Which resulted in my taking on some Associates in 2021 to again help me to support my clients further.

I love the diversity of the work that we receive to do and working with all of the different clients.

I realise now that everyone, no matter if they are working by themselves or part of a larger corporation, would benefit by being able to utilise someone who has my skills to help them.

“Do what you LOVE
LOVE what you DO."

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