Getting Organised is as Simple as 123

Who else has had that sinking feeling when they sit at their desk?

So many tasks to do and yet you feel like you spend your whole day working without getting anywhere.  The key to success and achieving your goals can be as simple as 1-2-3 and in this short blog, I will explain how you can regain control again not just for a day but for going forward and to achieving your long-term goals.

“Productivity isn’t about doing more things – it’s about doing the right things.” – Chris Baily

This principle encourages you to focus on getting results by following three steps from now on every day, week,  month, and year.

I know the majority of you will already have a to-do list and it is as probably as long as your arm.  However, this process can actually incorporate it so please don’t throw it out just yet.

Step One
Now I need you to write down your three outcomes for today, then this week, month and yes you guessed it this year.  Resulting on a list of 12 tasks on it.

Then estimate how long you think each task requires allocated to it.  You will often find that you have underestimated the time needed and this will enable you to look back and see realistically how long you need to put aside for each task.  Do this by either using a diary, notepad or even an online piece of software such as Clockify.

Always start with the task that you are putting off or hate to do that way its over and you won’t spend the rest of your day worrying about it.

If you find you are completing your daily tasks early then start work on something else.

Step Two
I used to find that finishing  my day by writing down the tasks I have to do the next day clears my head and enables me to rest better that evening knowing that I don’t have to remember what I am doing the next day.

Step Three
This is important as writing down all the tasks.
At the end of the day take stock of your accomplishments.
Did you get side-tracked? Why?
Was it because social media popped up on your screen? Or your phone rang?
Then why not turn them off or silence them whilst you are trying to focus on your work.