Getting the day to day administration in a company right is a vital part of being able to deliver a professional service.  By using us to help clear your work load you will be able to focus on other areas of the business. 

This can be a very time-consuming role.  By allocating these tasks or similar ones to us you can free yourself from having to spend hours tidying existing files or researching information. 

Report Writing

Assisting you with the layout and set up of your reports and the collating of the data you will be able to provide your management/ team/ customers with the information required. 

Copy Typing

We will convert your notes into a legible document and set it in the layout that you require.

Data Entry

Every business needs to store, record and update data relevant to their clients, products or services


When you just don’t have the time.  Delegate us to find the perfect price or alternative travel ideas.

Powerpoint Presentations

Creating templates formatted with your company branding, reformatting existing slides, presenting information as charts and tables, inserting images and graphics. 

Digital Filing

Assisting you to remove any spam/ junk mail for you.

Move emails into necessary files for action and respond to any as directed.

Email in-box Management

 (filtering and responding to emails as necessary) 

Social Media Creations and Updates

Let us assist you with the planning, creation and then scheduling of your social media.

Please ask if you are looking for something not listed as we can perform most tasks. 

By emailing