What is a Virtual Assistant Anyway?

I have been a Virtual Assistant for nearly five years now and when I first started there where very few of us on the go.  Now when you look online VA’s are appearing everywhere.  But if someone asked you what a Virtual Assistant does would you know?

Virtual Assistants specialize in a specific niche or skill set that they are competent with and that can cover a wide range of areas such as administration, social media, event planning, bookkeeping, websites, and the list is endless.

A professional Virtual Assistant will never take on work that they cannot do.

What are the benefits of being a Virtual Assistant?

  • Being a VA means that you are 100% in control of the business that you take.
  • You can decide on the hours that you will work.
  • You can learn and improve your knowledge to benefit your business.
  • You can work around your family.

How much can you charge being a Virtual Assistant?

According to a recent study carried out by the Society of Virtual Assistants in 2020.  The current hourly rate is around £27.50ph and this can rise to around £35.00 per hour.

However, you will need to remember that you are not entitled to sick or holiday pay either and will have subscription/membership costs to pay for.

Will you just need a laptop to get started?

No, a laptop is only part of what you will need.

You will need insurance, subscriptions, contracts, domains, to decide if you will be trading as a sole trader or ltd company and many more items.

What else you would need to consider if becoming a Virtual Assistant.

You will need to remember that this is a business like any other.  So, you will need to prepare to do your marketing, finance, hr, and everything else that comes along with it. 

Although there is not an official boy that monitors the standards met by the Virtual Assistant Industry.  There is a society that has been formed called the Society of Virtual Assistants.  They share alot of free and paid for advice as well and can be found at https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/

What else can I do to find some support?

Founded in April 2020 VA2VA is a community group designed for VA’s to connect with each other.
Share knowledge and advice.

If you haven’t aready joined our community group.  We can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/VA2VA/

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